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A society dedicated to the preservation of the Community's heritage through the spoken word and the printed word and the use of illustrations and recorded sound........more
Read School House c1831

 Meetings - First Thursday of Each Month 
7 p.m.
12 Old Summit Road, Coventry, Rhode Island

                 THE READ SCHOOL
In 1828, the General Assembly enacted a law which permitted the dividing of towns into school districts.  It provided that the Freemen at the town meeting assessed the taxes and that the school committee administered
the schools.  The Town of Coventry decided to use the district system.
There were eighteen school districts in the town.

  1) Nicholas   2) McGregor
  3) Hopkins   4) Rice City
  5) Quidnick   6) Bowen's Hill
  7) Spruce            8) Town House
  9) Andrew 10) Harkney Hill
11) Central                12) Whitman
13) READ 14) Washington
15) Colvin 16) Anthony
17) Quidnick Village  18) Harrisville  ........ more