"Society" continued..................................

       In 1971 St. Vincent de Paul Church asked
Lillian Thursten to plan their annual fashion show.  Along with Mathias Hopkins, they collaborated "Historic Fashion Musicle."  That was how the society became to be back in 1971.  In 1972 the society received its charter and the  lease was signed in the Read Schoolhouse in 1973.  The Read Schoolhouse is the official headquarters for the society.  It was restored with the help of the members and is now on the National Register of Historical Buildings.  Numerous students visit the school from the Coventry school systems throughout the year.  To make arrangements to view the school, call Lillian at 821-0545 for an appointment.

    In December of 2000, the Coventry Historical Society purchased the Summit Baptist Church at 12 Old Summit Road in Greene, RI, with a grant that was received for that purchase from the Chaplin Foundation.  The society has had many fundraisers to do repairs on the building.  The first repair was the installation of a new ceiling in "Summit Hall" that was done by Patrick Morgan (and a group of other boy scouts) in order  to get his eagle badge.  The bushes were trimmed and groomed  on the outside of the building by Nathan Powers with his group of boy scouts in order for him to receive his eagle badge.  We are very grateful to both Patrick and Nathan for the wonderful results of the work that resulted from their efforts to help restore out  historical building.

   The Town of Coventry has given the society a 25 year lease on the Summit Free Library.  We are in the process of planning the "Summit Free Library/Museum.  We have display cases in the library/museum that will be  used to display items that have been donated to the society.  We will have a display case of the month that we will let residents use to display that family heirloom.  This will be done on a "first come-first served" basis.  The elementary school children in Coventry or neighboring communities could arrange a Field Trip to both the Read Schoolhouse the the Library/Museum with the option of having lunch in the "Summit Hall."  There is a lot of work to be done and we plan to have the building ready as soon as possible.  Anyone having items to donate may call Lorraine at 397-7616 or Lillian at 821-0546.


 "Read School"      continued...............
  The Read District was named for the Read family.  This section of Coventry was a farming area.  However, just above the schoolhouse , there stood Thomas Arnold Acid works.  Acid was produced here from birch and maple wood, which was used in the printing of calico.  Today, the site is marked by an obscure foundation.

   In 1831 Bradford Read and Thomas Read sold a small parcel of land to the School District #13 in consideration of the sum of one dollar paid by Thomas Watson, the district treasurer.  Thusly, the present school became known as the Read School.  In 1903 the school district law was abolished and in 1904 the Town took over the schools by purchase.

 Some of the names of the early faculty have been lost to time.  We do know that a William Greene taught school for the district in 1860, which was his first term as a teacher.

    Other teachers at the Read School were:  Mr. M.W. Whelan, A.C. Whipple, Jennie M. Eldred, Mary A. Creamer, Nera V. Farrell, Marion E. Whipple (1914), Vera A. Fiske (1918), Mrs. Sarah Brown, and Mrs. Ethel Palmer.  Mrs.  Palmer began teaching at the Read School in 1922 and continued teaching there until 1951., when the school closed and was moved to Wood Street at the new Washington-Tiogue Elementary School.

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August 6th -Blueberry Crepe  Breakfast
August 13th - 4th Annual Craft Faire
September 10th  - First Historical 
B us Trip
October 15th - Harvest Breakfast
November 12th - Annual Holiday Bazaar
December 17th - Breakfast with Santa


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